Monday, October 20, 2008

A Few Of My Class Reunion Pictures!

Me, Jadyn Cooper, Rachel, Carter, Emily, Raegan, and Becca
Amber Pope and her little one, Grace
Me, Rachel (and Carter), Becca (with her daughter Reagan), Holly and her two little ones (sorry cant remember their names, sad huh), and Jamie H
Rachel (a life long friend of mine) and her adorable baby boy Carter
My wonderful friend, Michelle Rice Griffin's daughter..
The manly men of our class...Brad, Justin, Clint, and Brad! They are some awesome guys!
Karissa Iorio and her family! What a beautiful it is too...such sweet people!

Michael and Courtney Johnson's little boy, Parr...such a cutie!


Popeatots said...

Hey girl! Your pics are so good! Thanks so much for the one of me and Grace. I'll have to get that one from you!
It was so great to see you. Thanks so much for coming. I'm glad you had a good time. I wish we could all get together again soon!:)

The Shingletons said...

I wish I could have been there!!! Fran had told me about it! It was the same weekend as Maci's homecoming and she was on the court so we couldn 't be there! I so would have come! Love seeing the pictures of everyone. I had lost your blog name and just found it again. I'm putting it on my list so that I won't lose it again.
Love you, Shawnah

Leigh Ann said...

hey, fun to see some ole faces. I didn't realize that this was the reunion for your class, my I am old!