Saturday, December 6, 2008

I am Back....For Now

Jason and I have had ALOT going on lately. Jason lost his job (which I won't go into any detail about) Jadyn got put in the hospital, and I have had to start to a FULL TIME job to attempt at making up for what is NOT coming in anymore. Times have been very hard lately. I know I have had a few people ask where I have been but I have had NO time for anything but my family. I am very sorry for that.

So anyway I just wanted to try and catch everyone up on what has been going on lately through some pictures...

Jadyn wanted to hold the duck so badly but couldn't bring herself to holding it with her bare hands so she had to get a paper towel...isn't that just the cutest thing ever.

My beautiful baby girl. She never takes a bad picture.

Last weekend we went and picked out my parents real christmas tree. Jadyn had lots of fun at the tree farm.